The proposal for TUMAS Headquarters utilizes 4 stripes that envelop the block and organize interiors. The new form features a double facade housing a vegetation layer in between. The outer façade, the stripes, define the building form and control the sunlight exposure on the west elevation. The stripes are bent over the ground floor to define a public floor on street level. Public functions such as the TUMAS library, an exhibition zone, and a small café are located on this level in order to merge the building with the busy pedestrian traffic.


Location: Ankara, Turkey

Year: 2012

Program: Office

Area: 2640m²

Client: TUMAS (Competition)

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli, Duygu Tuntas, Ali Y. Ozdemir, Fadime Yilmaz

TUMAS Headquarters
TUMAS Headquarters
TUMAS Headquarters
TUMAS Headquarters

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