The design for the hospital is based on the potential psychological advantages of park views onthreefacades,aswellasasetofcriteriathat ensure easy access, proper functioning and less time spent for traveling between individual units. Careful organization of the circulation routes of the inpatient, outpatient, emergency patients, administrative staff, medical staff and the visitors in order to reduce time-loses due to circulation- based on the footprint study, allocation of Polyclinics on the same floor with easy access from the street level, creating a cheerful and lively environment in order to speed up recovery and recupation periods, orienting all the rooms in a way to face the park, and egregation of emergency units to reduce nosocomephobia constitute the main design criteria.


Location: Ankara, Turkey

Year: 2011

Program: Healthcare

Area: 118000m²

Client: Ministry of Health Public Private Partnership - Mimar Sinan Engineering

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli, Fadime Yilmaz


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