As part of a general policy to increase the active hours and efficiency of public buildings in Turkey, the project is designed to enable and encourage the use of school buildings by the neighborhood for cultural and social activities after active education hours. Therefore, as opposed to the typical 3-4 storey school buildings in Turkey, the project proposes an alternative school in which the educational program is limited to two floors. The two-storey layout not only maximizes visual and physical interaction with the courtyards, but also facilitates the use by disabled and elderly. The inner corridors are directly placed on the façade in order to provide natural light and ventilation for the circulation areas as well as the classrooms. Open areas and courtyards of different character allow for simultaneous occurrence of a wide range of activities including concerts, meetings, sport games, street fairs, and public workshops.


Location: Generic, Turkey

Year: 2012

Program: Educational

Area: 5450m²

Client: TUMAS

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli, Ali Y. Ozdemir, Fadime Yilmaz

School 7/24
School 7/24
School 7/24
School 7/24
School 7/24

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