The project lies on an approximately 120000m² site neighboring the Sakarya River. The design focuseson encouraging use of green space and enhancing the public outdoor uses within the social housing site. The density of the program is dissolved into multiple perimeter blocks that connect to the city via an outer ring road, and leave the central axis for pedestrian uses. A green belt that connects the city center to the Sakarya River extends along the central axis of the project and forms a backbone for social uses. The green belt organizes the pedestrian movements within the site, as well as housing small-scale commercial functions serving the vicinity, and concludes with a social center at the end facing the river side.

Each housing block features a semi-private courtyard reserved for social functions and playgrounds. The courtyards can be approached from the central axis and from the blocks.

The project offers an greener and more social alternative for living compared to the conventional housing schemes in its vicinity. 


Location: Sakarya, Turkey

Year: 2015

Project Partner: BNR Proje Planlama ve Kentsel Dönüşüm

Program: Social Housing and Facilities

Construction Area: 215472.4m²

Landscape Area: 74495.33m²

Client: Sakarya Erenler Municipality

Project Coordinators: Heves Beşeli, Bener Karagedikli

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Binnur Arslan, Hakan Sanli, Mehmet Karadag, Yucel Sala, Irem Buyukkocak


Structural Engineering: Ozun Project

Mechanical Engineering: Beseli Engineering

Electrical Engineering: EKC Engineering

Infrastructure Engineering: DIYAP Project

Landscape Design: Motto Architecture + Leman Elverisli


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