The project is located on a west-facing slope in the northernsuburbandevelopmentareaofKütahya. Considering the land area and topography, the site is divided into eight smaller plots in “neighborhood” scale. Vehicular axes radiate from the perimeter road around the central park, and connect the neighborhoods down the slope. Individual neighborhoods are also connected via a green belt forming a pedestrian route and a social zone resting parallel to the slope. 

In order to meet the various housing requirements of a wide user spectrum, the project introduces different housing types stacked in various blocks. Local commercial and social programs located on the circulation axes ensure social and economic sustainability within the development. 


Location: Kutahya, Turkey

Year: 2015

Project Partner: BNR Planning and Urban Transformation

Program: Housing, Social and Commercial Facilities

Area: 241239m²

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli, Mehmet Karadag, Binnur Arslan, Yucel Sala


Structural Engineering: Ozun Proje

Mechanical Engineering: Beseli Engineering

Electrical Engineering: MPY Engineering

Infrastructure Engineering: DIYAP Proje

Landscape Design: Leman Elverisli


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