The project aims to revitalize three sites which have lost their previous uses, and integrates them with the city through new uses.

The first section, which lies on a busy boulevard, houses a dense commercial-residential program. Thebuilding establishes dialogue with the city through commercial uses on the boulevard façade. Multiple voids on the public façade lead pedestrians towards an urban scale inner courtyard that is reinforced with social and commercial programs to offer an alternative urban space. The inner courtyard reinterprets the present lot and block system -which leaves impractical and very little green space around the buildings- to form a concentrated green area that enhances pedestrian experience. Housing units are located both in the perimeter block around the courtyard, and in the attached point blocks, in order to offer a variety of housing types to answer different requirements.

The design for the second section of the site integrates itself into the current urban tissue to preserve and enhance the present urban life on site. While this section is mostly loaded with residential uses, a limited are on the street façade is reserved for commercial uses to continue the ground-floor commercial use pattern in the neighborhood.

The third site, located further away from the center, is organized around an inner courtyard with concentrated green similar to the first section. In contrast with the first section, this site is reserved for residential uses both in the buildings and in the courtyard, forming a local social hub for the residents away from the high street.


Location: Ordu, Turkey

Year: 2015

Project Partner: BNR Proje Planlama ve Kentsel Dönüşüm 

Program: Housing + Commercial

Area: 138265m²

Client: Ordu Municipality

Project Coordinators: Heves Beseli, Bener Karagedikli

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Binnur Arslan, Hakan Sanli, Yucel Huseyin Sala

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