How may the “imported” co-exist with the “resident”? The program demands working-living environments for international business people, within the turmoil of the new founded republic. The design problem brings along a set of contradictions; security-easy access, monumentality dissolution, paranoia-naivety; which need to coexist in a schizophrenic structure. Our response is a decontextualized utopian box that houses the “imported” life-style of the inhabitants above the ground level, but connects to the ground via a transparent layer containing local commercial functions. The building provides flexible space for living-working, detached from the context but watching it from “safe” elevated terraces. The modular facades offer various combinations to answer safety and privacy needs of the residents.


Location: Juba, South Sudan

Year: 2012

Program: Office + Commercial + Residential

Area: 12000m²

Client: Arech Motor Co. Ltd.

Design Team: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli, Ali Y. Ozdemir, Fadime Yilmaz

Mixed Use Block in Juba
Mixed Use Block in Juba
Mixed Use Block in Juba
Mixed Use Block in Juba
Mixed Use Block in Juba

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