The main design challenge for the new IZKA headquarters was to enhance the dialogue between the Development Agency and the city which it seeks to develop. In this sense, our primary concern was to integrate urban life on the site with dense office programs. 

The program is mainly organized in two office blocks that continue the characteristic street silhouettes on both the boulevard and the rear street. In between the two volumes, the obligatory setback of the site is extended to create a plateau that serves social functions of the program. This central void allows the structure to make the most of natural daylight and ventilation, while also providing nice views for both blocks. The footprint of the block on boulevard-side is minimized in order to connect the social plateau with the pedestrian traffic on the street, thus creating a much needed void in the dense urban tissue. 



Public functions such as information office and exhibition halls benefit directly from this new pedestrian zone. Amphitheater steps in the void connect the pedestrian traffic on the boulevard to the social plateau, and provide various views of the Gulf of Izmir for the occasional wanderer. The connection between the street and the social plateau assign a public mission to the latter. In accordance, the proposal suggests social functions on the plateau level to ensure better integration with city life, gathering and diffusing pedestrians to the cafés, bookstores and the library located on the blocks. 


Location: Izmir, Turkey

Year: 2013

Program: Office + Public

Area: 9600m²

Client: Izmir Development Agency (National Competition)

Partners in Charge: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli

Design Team: Hakan Sanli, Gokhan Yildirim


Structural Engineering: Ergun Tercanli

Mechanical Engineering: Ihsan Beseli

Electrical Engineering: Koray Yucesoy

Izmir Development Agency
Izmir Development Agency
Izmir Development Agency
Izmir Development Agency
Izmir Development Agency
Izmir Development Agency

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