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Calea Victoriei 220
variations on the theme of "residential terrace"

Podium Premium, 2021

Podium Premium  consists of 51 housing units with different characteristics distributed in 3 housing blocks. Mogan Lake, which is the most important attraction point of the district, has been an important factor for the site layout, and the planning of the living units have been optimized to maximize the advantages of the view.

Terraces were considered as the defining element in the buildings, taking advantage of the local allowance for utilizing large terraces as well as the attractive vista.


The buildings feature alternating balconies that extend towards the lake view, which brings a unique characteristic to each unit and reinterpret the dominant linear enclosed terrace typology within the vicinity.


LOCATION // Bucharest, Romania

CONS. AREA // 1835m²

COLLABORATORS // Tuncay Architecture

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Server Tuncay, Elif Görkem Köse, Havva Nur Başagaç, İbrahim Ekinci

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