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K1 House
K1 forms the first phase of the collaboration with Palto, focusing on ready-for-change house typologies

K1 House, 2021

K1 is one of the first instances of an ongoing research on re-interpretation of the housing norms in Turkey (typically classified according to the numbers of bedrooms, living room and kitchens). The organization of K1 features a unified and uninterrupted living environment that deviates from the "typical project" presumptions characterizing its context. The monospace houses cooking, eating, resting and working functions on the entrance floor, and offers an uninterrupted connection with the surrounding garden. The monospace empowers the building to adapt itself to changing lifestyles and demands from housing.

The upper level interacts with the ground floor via a central gallery, while keeping its ability to isolate itself when privacy is required.

The building takes advantage of inclined topography by
connecting living spaces with the gardens on two levels. The
monospace on the entrance floor connect with the garden on
two facades, while the lower level lets the garden into the
building through the folding glass facade.


Both exterior and interior finishes feature simple materials that
are capable of adapting change. The building envelope is
characterized by exposed concrete slabs and bricks, and rhytmic
full size openings. Interiors preserve the "home" atmosphere with
single color wall paint and natural wooden floors, while lending
itself to various interpretations of how a house can be organized.

K1 House - Photo: Duygu Tuntas
K1 House - Photo: Duygu Tuntas

LOCATION // Ankara, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 250m²

CLIENT // Palto Yapı

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Derya Fidan Çakıroğlu, Heves Beşeli, Havva Nur Başağaç, Elif Görkem Köse

CONSULTANTS // MPY Mühendislik (Electrical Engineering), Beşeli Mühendislik (Mechanical Engineering), Okuyan Mühendislik (Structural Engineering)

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