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Denizbank Interaction Center
adaptive space for diverse programs

Denizbank Interaction Center, 2020

The ground floor of the current Istanbul Headquarters of Denizbank possess a significant potential to serve diverse programs for internal and public interaction. Our design approach features three connected zones of different spatial characteristics to be able to provide space for diverse (and unforeseeable) activities. Denizbank IC design seeks to become a space of possibilities that enhances interaction at various scales.

The space is divided into three zones with respect to their inherent qualities: (1) The Calm Zone, (2) The Dynamic Zone, and (3) The Unifying Zone.

The Calm Zone lies in the western side of the office building and is directly accessible from the interiors. Due to its "dependent" existence and direct connection with the building reception area, this part is reserved as a reconfigurable exhibition space that also serves as a co-working café. Its spatial characteristics can be changed quickly via reconfiguring the movable partitions and the flowing curtain system.

The Dynamic Zone can be accessed directly from independent entrances on its both ends, which renders it ideal for use as a multi-purpose space. By utilizing a special track system for lighting and curtains, this space can be reconfigured into various subspaces or used as a single convention hall with respect to the client's spatial requirements, The design also employs an operable floor system to accommodate different scenarios.

The Unifying Zone is an open-air terrace connecting the other two zones. The zone can be accessed independently from the northern side - a quality which not only helps serving the space but also enables the zone to work simultaneously without interrupting the activities in the adjacent zones. Unifying zone physically connects the calm and dynamic zones, and also extends itself to the roof terrace of the dynamic zone. It can also be turned into an open air cinema utilizing the facade of the dynamic zone as its screen.

Denizbank Interaction Center
Denizbank Interaction Center
Denizbank Interaction Center

LOCATION // Istanbul, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 1000m²

CLIENT // Denizbank

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Heves Beşeli, İbrahim Ekinci, Elif Görkem Köse

CONSULTANTS // Krahe IT Solutions, MPY Mühendislik, Beşeli Mühendislik

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