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Andar EHS METU Technopolis Office
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an expansion project that focuses on the transformation of a "generic" office into an experience-oriented, authentic space shaped by the firm's working culture.

Andar EHS Offices, 2020

The "METU Twins" building of Middle East Technical University
Technopolis is an office-research building that houses various
firms conducting R&D operations in different fields. The generic
rental office space offered by the building became insufficient
for Andar EHS as a result of their rapid growth and increase in
the number of team members. The firm established new office
spaces in separate locations to compensate for the growing
requirements, which rendered management of the multiple units
harder for the administrative team. The design gathers the
separated engineering and administrative units within the newly
allocated space in METU Twins building.

Transformation of Andar office is based on two predominant design aspects. Firstly, being able to expand into former public use circulation and service zones make it possible to reinterpret the identity of the space, as well as user experience. In this respect, waiting, co-working, service zones are reinterpreted to facilitate spontaneous interaction for increased productivity. The wooden partition that initiates the spatial experience, pop-up meeting zones and the introduction of alternative circulation routes constitute major interventions to aid interaction among employees.


The second major aspect regarding the renovation is the
conversion of a former-amphitheater into office space. In close
collaboration with the owners of the firm, the amphitheater
were enhanced with infrastructure and the steps were doubled
in width to provide space for workstations and circulation. The
resulting "stepped office" is capable of providing space for 34
employees whilst preserving its spacious feel.

Andar EHS METU Technopolis Office
Andar EHS METU Technopolis Office

LOCATION // Ankara, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 300m²


TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Talat Çakıroğlu, Elif Görkem Köse

CONSULTANTS // Krahe Bilişim Teknolojileri (Electrical Engineering), İhsan Beşeli (Mechanical Engineering)

PHOTOGRAPHY // Duygu Tüntaş

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