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Brasov Valley
merging with the landscape

Brasov Valley, 2020

The Transylvanian City of Brasov, surrounded by the Southern Carpathians, is a scenic city with a rich history that houses visitors from Europe for the whole year. The site for Brasov Valley lies on the two sides of a peak overlooking the city. The location promises uninterrupted views of the scenery by virtue of the steep slope, yet also demands an architecture that seamlessly merges with its environment.

The design takes advantage of the steep slope by blending individual houses in stepping terraces. As individual housing units cascade over each other, they all enjoy an uninterrupted vista as well as private gardens. Access to housing units are provided via pedestrian streets that cantilever towards the view.

As also required by the local construction code, a large portion of the available land is designed as "deep green" that preserves the natural habitat.

The larger portion of the housing complex resides on the northern slope that constitutes around 90% of the whole settlement. The southern slope presents a smaller prototype settlement with the same design principles forming the first phase of development.

Brasov Valley
Brasov Valley

LOCATION // Brasov, Romania

CONS. AREA // 21700m²

CLIENT // CEE Estate

DESIGN COLLABORATORS // Server Tuncay + Partners (Lead Design), Duo Design & Architecture Studio

TEAM // Server Tunçay, Onur Özkoç, Heves Beşeli, Elif Görkem Köse, Burak Dönmez, Gözde Bulut, Melih Akça

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