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Sports & Life Hub - Kuşadası
a green hub bridging social axes

Sports & Life Hub, 2021

Sports & Life Hub vitalizes an empty urban land close to the beatiful shorline of Kuşadası and the infamous "Hand Sculpture". The site embodies a strong potential for inclusion into urban life as it connects to a busy urban axis and a square on its south. That being noted, the visual and physical access to the shoreline on the western side is blocked by a linear series of urban blocks. The design proposes an urban park loaded with social programs, which is intended to unify life in the vicinity and connect with its surroundings (including the blocks on west).

The urban ground floor is reserved as an urban park that serves as a sculpture garden connecting the neighboring northern and southern pedestrian axes. The urban ground floor also features a running track and an amphitheater to meet spatial requirements for diverse social & sports activities.


Social and recreational programs organized along various paths within the park create alternative semi-open and interior scenarios and new experiences. These programs are also enhanced with upper terraces as a semi-private open air alternative to the public ground. These programs include recreational functions such as cafés and private courses as well as public services such as a Barrier Free Living Center, and a multi-purpose sports hall. An urban parasol extends over the programs to offer a shade to shelter from the strong heat of the region.


There is a strong demand for parking lots in the vicinity as one of the objectives of the town is to clear the shoreline from parking lots. Previously, the site for Sports & Life Hub had been used as a parking lot that served this purpose. In this regard, the new design compensates for the parking requirement by providing two underground levels for parking, which also help ensuring economical sustainability of the hub.

Sports & Life Hub
Sports & Life Hub

LOCATION // Kuşadası, Aydın, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 18700m²

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Güneş Gökçek, Heves Beşeli, Derya Fidan Çakıroğlu, Havva Nur Başağaç



MECHANICAL ENGINEERING // Idealist Engineering


LIGHTING DESIGN // Motto Architecture

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