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Türk Telekom Tekirdag Communication Center
Türk Telekom Tekirdağ Communication Center
interpreting a developing settlement

Türk Telekom Tekirdağ Communication Center, 2018

The design for the new communication center for Türk Telekom focuses on getting the highest functionality with the lowest footprint, saving both land and resources for future developments on site without compromising comfort of operation.

New communication center of Türk Telekom in Tekirdağ is located along the development axis of the city of Tekirdağ, across the construction of the new municipality building.


The site is on one of the major streets of the new development. In order to reserve space for potential public uses that TT may develop in the future, the building is located on the side corner of the plot with the smallest footprint possible.


The building will serve as an office and technical support hub for the vicinity upon completion.

Türk Telekom Tekirdağ Communication Center

LOCATION // Tekirdağ, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 826m²

CLIENT // Türk Telekom

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Melek KIlıçkan, Ömer Faruk Ağırsoy, Gizem Görgün

CONSULTANTS // Engin Pekyılmaz (Electrical Engineering), MC Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), Özün Proje (Structural Engineering)

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