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OKU Rectorate Annex
OKU Rectorate Annex
sustainability in a harsh climate

OKU Rectorate Annex, 2017

The new rectorate building is located on a highly accesible spot in the campus, next to the existing center for rectorate. The structure connects with the existing one by pedestrian circulation routes that are enhanced with exhibition and performance functions on the ground floor. Administrative functions and the rectorate are located on the upper floors in order to separate the traffic flow of these functions from the public uses on the ground floor.


World Architecture Community Awards - 2018

The design focuses on climate conditions and aims to decrease the overall carbon footprint and water consumption of the building. A 800m² photovoltaic parasol on the top of the structure produces approximately 115000kw/h energy a year. Prevailing wind on site is allowed to travel through the building by cross-ventilation axes, and the atrium and the sky garden enhance the buildings natural ventilation options. The intense and instant rain on the site is utilized by repurposing storm water for irrigation. Landscape is designed with less or no water consuming elements, so all irrigation requirements can be met by collected storm water.


It is aimed that the rectorate building would serve as a motive for building more effective structures and controlling consumption throughout the campus.


LOCATION // Osmaniye, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 8000m²

CLIENT // Osmaniye Korkut Ata University

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Heves Beşeli, Derya Fidan, Mehmet Karadağ, Havvanur Başağaç,Gizem Görgün, Ahmet Adil Okur, Ömer Faruk Ağırsoy, Ceren Gür

CONSULTANTS // Engin Pekyılmaz (Electrical Engineering), İhsan Beşeli (Mechanical Engineering), Özün Proje (Structural Engineering)

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OKU Rectorate Annex awarded @ World Architecture Awards


OKU Rectorate Annex featured in Yapı Dergisi


OKU Rectorate Annex featured in Bi_Ozet


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