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Kalecik Cultural Center
Kalecik Cultural Center
re-population of an old town

Kalecik Cultural Center, 2016

Kalecik is a town of Ankara, the Turkish Capital, that is famous for its vineyards. The town suffered a population loss during the last decade, with a considerable portion of its citizens re-locating to the city center. By the help of new investments in the region, the town is experiencing a revitalization of life and receiving new inhabitants. The cultural center of Kalecik forms part of the effort to enhance life in town and provide space for versatile activities required by the younger new settlers from diverse backgrounds.

World Architecture Community Awards Winner - 2017

The project is designed as a continuation of the social functions within the new recreational site located in the southern border of the city center. Being located in a local attraction zone, the project houses two convention halls (1 conference and 1 multi-purpose hall) as well as a youth center and multiple exhibition halls for daily use by the citizens of Kalecik.

The pedestrian movement initiated in the north east portion of the site is continued within the building via a continuous circulation loop. The users flow approaching the building from the recreation zone on north east is collected on the site under a contemporary re-design of the traditional “portico,” and driven towards the interior street organizing the building’s circulation.

The interior street connects the two convention functions on the entry level, and reaches the youth center on the garden level through an interior amphitheater. On this level, the interior street concludes at the border of the recreation zone on the north east, and completes its loop by connecting to the initial portico on the upper level. 

The design emphasizes the use of local resources and materials such as the stone from local quarries. Sustainability of the building is paid special attention in terms of energy conservation and recycling. 

Kalecik Cultural Center
Kalecik Cultural Center

LOCATION // Ankara, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 6545m²

CLIENT // Kalecik Municipality

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, İrem Senem Büyükkoçak, Öykü Varlı, Elif Görkem Köse

CONSULTANTS // Engin Pekyılmaz (Electrical Engineering), İhsan Beşeli (Mechanical Engineering), Özün Proje (Structural Engineering)

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