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SEN Yapı Showroom & Construction Materials Library
a study on versatility

SEN Yapı Showroom & Construction Materials Library, 2016

The project lies on Istanbul Street that connects the area to Gençlik Parkı in Ulus, and neighbours one of the most important urban voids in Ankara, the site of Atatürk Cultural Center. The light steel structure that has been converted to Sen Yapı Showroom encloses a parasitic wood stud brick house on north, and concludes with a striking view of the cultural center on south. The neighborhood relation between one of the most important neglected urban sites in Ankara and the random and “undesigned” neighborhood creates a striking contrast on the site.

The main function of the building is to exhibit and introduce construction materials. That being said, the impracticalities of storing construction materials, regular changes in product ranges, and the requirement to introduce different product groups result in an uncontrolled and unorderly accumulation. In this respect, the limited life-cycles of exhibitions and the requirement to enable redesigns by users stood out as the two prominent factors that define the design process.


The design creates a fairground by clearing the ground floor from obstructions other than the structural system. Exhibition of materials are organized via pavillions that can be redesigned by users during different seasons.

In this sense, the conventional static exhibitions are replaced by flexible design potentials. The central exhibition zone can also be viewed from the mezzanine floor surrounding it from three sides. The brick house within the structure is preserved as a space for welcoming guests, and stands as a solid memory reminding the history and the vicinity of the building.

The mezzanine floor constitutes an alternative space for long-term meetings and conventions. It also houses a printed and digital materials library for architects and construction professionals. This floor looks over the fairground on one facade, and enjoys striking views of Atatürk Cultural Center on the other one.


The proposal aims to form an alternative to conventional material exhibitions that often en up as unorderly storage space. During 8 months of occupancy, the pavillions have been redesigned several times by the users without harming the overall design scheme and language, which also enabled the observation of the design as a study on the sustainability of building functions.

SEN Yapı Showroom
SEN Yapı Showroom
SEN Yapı Showroom

LOCATION // Ankara, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 825m²


TEAM // Onur Özkoç, İrem Büyükkoçak,Öykü Varlı


PHOTOGRAPHY // Duygu Tüntaş

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