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Gaziantep Cultural & Convention Center
an indoor convention "town"

Gaziantep Cultural & Convention Center, 2014

The project is located on a northern hill in Gaziantep, overlooking the city. The northern border of the site is defined by Fevzi Çakmak Boulevard, being a major route to which the building complex attaches itself. The energy transfer line spanning through the site and the vistas on south provide further inputs for organizing the site.

The building is designed to allow flexibility in space use and offers a variety of convention and cultural activity programs. The backbone of the project, a north-south axis, serves both as the connection between the various programs and as an alternative foyer that can host several cultural activities. A 2000 people hall, a 1000 people hall, two small halls, foyers, restaurant, and administration unit lie along the axis, which occasionally serves as a linear exhibition unit.


The axis concludes with a public amphitheater that enjoys the views of the city of Gaziantep. Inner courtyards punching through the building roof provide the interiors with daylight and natural ventilation, and create an interior cooling breeze which increases user comfort in the hot climate of Gaziantep.

Individual units within the program are provided with separate entrance and service spaces to allow multiple events to simultaneously take place in the structure, allowing it to become a cultural hub for the city.

Gaziantep Cultural & Convention Center
Gaziantep Cultural & Convention Center

LOCATION // Gaziantep, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 61451m²

CLIENT // Uşak University

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Heves Beşeli,Hakan Şanlı, İrem Senem Büyükkoçak

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