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working with patterns

Architiles, 2014

Macro Series is a research on the harmony of natural forms that can be observed in macro scale. The design is based on digital reconstruction of natural net structures that expand through variations of the same theme, and rendering these forms available for fabrication.

The main inspiration of the design, the texture of a common leaf, is made up of unique cells that form a whole in harmony. The digital script employed for the design allows creation of forms within a controllable range of variations. These variations switch the net structure of the macro scale to the scale of a tile, and form a unique structure that can be reinterpreted in various combinations, contrary to ordinary rectilinear tile structures.

The theme of Macro tiles is realized via two different variations.The first of the two variations within Macro series employs the net structure all over the tile and allows unlimited combinations. The second variation, made up of smaller cells, begins with a unique geometry in the center and evolves into a repetitive pattern on the edges.

Architiles: Macro
Architiles: Macro

CLIENT // Seranit - Serra Seramik

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Heves Beşeli

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