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Center for Active Living
an accessible "city fragment"

Center for Active Living, 2013

Turkish standards for excellency in universal design define “disability” as a person’s constrainment from being able to perform her/ his social roles in terms of age, gender, social and cultural factors as a result of a handicap. In this sense, disability comes out as a concept that emerges from the inadequacy of built environment rather than temporal or permanent handicaps one experiences. As a consequence of the constraints in transportation networks or the obstacles in public built environment, people with disabilities may become dragged into a passive life. Our proposal for an active living center in Adıyaman envisions a city fragment in which people with disabilities can fulfill desired social functions and improve their productive skills.

In this respect, the campus is organized via a re- interpretation of the city through its circulation networks and solid-void relations. The structural grid spanning east-west and north-south directions is utilized to create circulation axes that comply with universal design standards.


The circulation network based on inner streets create a variety of open, semi-open, and enclosed spaces, which maximize natural light and ventilation throughout the project. The structures positioned on the grid feature unique vistas into the activity courtyards (which in turn refer to urban parks). The structure is organized horizontally around courtyards, allowing easier access for the users and better exposition to daylight.

By virtue of its horizontal organization, the structure complies with universal design criteria and renders the structure easier for comprehension as large courtyards and unique structures are created. The structures and the courtyards are connected vertically by vertical circulation cores and exterior ramps.

Center for Active Living
Center for Active Living

LOCATION // Adıyaman, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 19065m²

CLIENT // Ministry of Family and Social Policies (National Competition)

TEAM // Heves Beşeli, Tamara Nazari, Farzad Golghasemi, İnci Erat




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