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Adana Sports Park
transformation for the city

Adana Sports Park, 2013

The project site has an important place in the memory of Adana as a sports area. The memory is a remarkable reference for a proposal on re-programming and re-designing the place. In this sense, sports are to play an important role in the reconsideration of the site.

Our proposal for the site preserves the covered seating area of Adana 5 Ocak Stadium for its symbolic power and potential to host new programs. The seating structure defines the western border of the site and overlooks the whole site. The site is organized according to a tartan grid derived from the seating area. The grid is used to generate strips of various spatial qualities, providing open, semi-open and enclosed spaces for diverse activities.

The strips are loaded with various sports functions which begin from the seating area and end towards the public marketplace on the opposite border.

The activity strips are connected via cross-paths that connect the park area with main urban axes in the vicinity. These paths, acting as urban shortcuts, encourage interaction between those who perform and the occasional passerby. The clashes of different user groups performing a variety of activities is intended as an urban generator that facilitates interaction and celebrates the diversity of interests and views existing in this metropolitan site.

Adana Sports Park
Adana Sports Park

LOCATION // Adana, Turkey

CONS. AREA // 47309m²

CLIENT // Adana Chamber of Architects (National Competition)

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Hakan Şanlı, Gökhan Yıldırım


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