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Venice Restaurant

Venice Restaurant, 2013

The site is bound by two streets on southern and eastern borders, while a water canal on the western border defines the site geometry and presents a visual focus for the building. The large plateau on the north provides space for outdoor uses. In this respect, the site readily suggests an organizational scheme for the building.

The program for Venice Restaurant includes a butchershop, an "ocakbasi" (a style of Turkish cuisine that involves serving directly from a special grill) restaurant, and a bar. The dining space forms the common area served by all functions, and is defined by a RFC folded plate that envelopes the building.


The individual functions (butcher, restaurant, personnel spaces) that require direct access to the street are located in individual folds that are inserted into the RFC envelope. By virtue of their semi-independent spatial existence, these functions are able to operate on their own, while at the same conforming with the spatial unity of the building.

The seating space is located across the canal facade, while individual service units are located on the street side. The reception desk, butcher shop, bar, and main kitchen ocakbasi are located on a continuous line, providing a theatrical experience for the guests.


LOCATION // Almaty, Kazakhstan

CONS. AREA // 265m²

TEAM // Onur Özkoç, Heves Beşeli, Hakan Şanlı, Tamara Nazari

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